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The Vienna Internet eXchange is extremely stable and reliable. Every now and then we have more good news.
   This news is archived and might be outdated

Peering Days 2022

The Peering Days, an international conference for Internet Service Providers and other network operators, will be held in Athens from 26-28  April 2022.


Price Reduction at VIX

From 1 Juni 2021, some price reductions take effect at the VIX. Invoices for existing participants are automatically adjusted. The fee for a 10G port is lowered to 400 EUR (from 500 EUR), for a 100G port to 1600 EUR (from 2500 EUR). All other prices and the 20 % dual-site discount remain unchanged.


VIX Peering Platform Renewal Completed

The Vienna Internet eXchange has been upgraded to a new, significantly more powerful hardware platform in three maintenance windows from 11-18 May 2021. Thanks to excellent preparation, the renewal could be carried out smoothly during ongoing operations with only minimal downtime (a few minutes per participant port).


VIX Traffic Exceeds 1 Tbps

On the evening of 27 April 2021, total VIX traffic exceeded the "magic threshold" of 1 terabit per second (5-minute average) for the first time. We are delighted about the new traffic record!

   This news is archived and might be outdated

Vacancy: IT Security Management

The Vienna University Computer Center has a vacancy in the field of IT Security Management. You can find all the details at the University of Vienna Job Center.