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The Vienna Internet eXchange is extremely stable and reliable. Every now and then we have more good news.
   This news is archived and might be outdated

ATNOG 2019/2

The Austrian Network Operators Group (ATNOG) will meet on 5 November 2019 at in Vienna for the next ATNOG Talk.

   This news is archived and might be outdated

Icinga Monitoring Meetup

On 15 October 2019, an "Open Source Monitoring Meetup" of the Icinga Users Austria will take place in Salzburg.


Price Reduction at VIX

From July 2019, some price reductions take effect at the VIX. Invoices for existing participants will be automatically adjusted. The fee for a 10G port is lowered to 500 EUR (from 550 EUR), for a 100G port to 2500 EUR (from 3500 EUR). All other prices and the 20 % dual-site discount remain unchanged.


New Root Server

Since May 2019, a new root DNS server instance is represented at VIX: The Verisign-operated J-Root server uses (like many other participants) the VIX route servers.


Peering Days 2019 - Review & Photos

In 2019, the Peering Days took place in beautiful Zagreb. Presentation documents and photos are now available online.