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For those who want to know exactly: the details of the VIX switching infrastructure and the technical conditions that apply to our participants.


The Vienna Internet eXchange is operated by the Vienna University Computer Center at three locations:

  • VIX1: University of Vienna (in the center of Vienna)
  • VIX2: Digital Realty Data Center (in the north of Vienna)
  • VIX3: NTT Vienna 1 Data Center (in the south of Vienna)

These three locations are interconnected with path-redundant fiber optic links, traversing the Danube via different bridges. The cross-connections are currently operated at a bandwidth of 400 Gbps (maximum capacity: 9.6 Tbps).


VIX uses identical state-of-the-art technology at all three locations:

  • high-performance Arista 7280 series switches
  • redundant power supplies
  • redundant power feeds with UPS and generator supply
  • shared medium: Ethernet (10GBASE-LR, 100GBASE-LR4)
  • participants may connect to one, two, or all three VIX locations at up to 100 Gbps per port
  • remote connections and reseller connections possible
  • support for IPv4 and IPv6 on the same peering LAN
  • support for link aggregation
  • port security mechanisms


  • VIX participants install and operate their own routing infrastructure.
  • Each peering at VIX is based on a bilateral agreement between the peers. However, there is no obligation to exchange traffic with all other participants.
  • The appropriate routing registry for the documentation of VIX peerings is the RIPE Database. We recommend using the PeeringDB in addition.
  • The required routing protocol for peerings at VIX is BGP4.
  • Only one MAC address may be used per participant port.
  • Additional services for VIX participants are available in the web portal.
  • Peerings can be set up very easily via our route servers.


The Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) has been productive at VIX since 2005. Each VIX Connection Agreement is valid for IPv6 as well as for IPv4.

If you want to enable IPv6 peerings on your VIX interface, please contact us by e-mail to noc (at) We will gladly send you a suitable IPv6 address for your interface and add this address our database.

VIX & Green IT

The road to resource-efficient and sustainable IT infrastructures is long, but we will take it. Our status:

  • The VIX1 location (University of Vienna) is powered 100 % by ecological electricity (NaturStrom). NaturStrom comes exclusively from renewable energy sources (no CO2 emissions, no radioactive waste) and complies with the UZ 46 Guideline of the Austrian Ecolabel.
  • Also at the VIX2 location (Digital Realty), 100 % of electricity is generated from renewable energy sources. Digital Realty holds an ISO 14001 Environmental Management Certification and an ISO 50001 Energy Management Certification. In 2024, Digital Realty started using the waste heat from its Vienna data center to heat a nearby hospital (see this article in German).
  • In addition, a complete hardware replacement in May 2021 has drastically reduced the energy consumption of the VIX infrastructure, among other things: After the transition, it initially fell to around one third. Since the platform upgrade in 2022, power consumption has been around 50 % of the original consumption, even though this upgrade further improved performance and doubled port capacity.