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728 Gbps

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1.17 Tbps



Welcome at VIX!

The Vienna Internet eXchange (VIX) is a neutral, highly available Internet Exchange Point for the Central and Eastern European region. It has been operated by the University of Vienna since 1996 - currently at three locations in Vienna.

More than 160 national and international participating organizations use the VIX infrastructure to optimize their regional Internet traffic. Participants include Internet Service Providers, Cloud Providers, Content Providers, Content Delivery Networks and Research & Education Networks.

About VIX

You want to know what we do, who we are and where you can find us, how the VIX has evolved and to what extent it is used today?

Participants & Partners

We proudly present: our participants, carriers and resellers! Moreover, all relevant information for those who would like to join us in future.

Technology & Services

Our corner for (future) peering experts: Here you can learn more about our technical infrastructure - and how to make the best use of it.


This section is less about hard facts and more about news, downloads, photos and events. We think it's still interesting.

International Collaborations

Peering Days

This annual conference, co-hosted by VIX, is an excellent opportunity to gain access to expert knowledge and make valuable contacts.


VIX is a founding member of the European Internet Exchange Association (Euro-IX), established in 2001 by Europe's leading Internet Exchange Points.



Vacancy "IT Network Administrator"

The ACOnet/VIX team has a vacancy for a network administrator. You can find all the details at the Job Center of the University of Vienna.


The IXP Video

Euro-IX, the association of European Internet Exchange Points (IXPs), has published a new video: "The IXP Video" explains the purpose and advantages of IXPs in an easily understandable way.


Relaunch of

The Vienna Internet eXchange has a new website! We hope you like it and welcome any feedback to webmaster (at) The web portal for VIX participants ( will be adapted to the new design at a later date.

Newest VIX Participants

Exatel SA




iLOL informacijske tehnologije d.o.o.  


Riepert Informationstechnologie GmbH  

AS200970 Sp. z o.o.  


Sprint International Austria Gmbh  


Orange Business Austria GmbH

AS328126 B.V.  


SOX d.o.o.