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The costs listed below are valid from 1 June 2021 and apply to local connections and remote connections to VIX. For reseller connections, the costs are determined and charged by the reseller.
Service Details Costs (excl. 20 % VAT)
Setup one-time costs (once per contract) 1,000 EUR
VIX Switch Port 3 Gbps (10GBASE-LR) 300 EUR per month
  10 Gbps (10GBASE-LR) 400 EUR per month
  30 Gbps (100GBASE-LR4) 800 EUR per month
  100 Gbps (100GBASE-LR4) 1,600 EUR per month

These costs include the cross-connection at the locations VIX1 (University of Vienna) and VIX2 (Digital Realty).
Other port types on request - these are subject to availability and feasibility.
The setup fee is only charged when the contract is first concluded, but not for changes to existing contracts.

Dual-Site Discount

20 % discount for dual-site connections (VIX1+VIX2 or VIX1+VIX3) may be requested if

  • both connections are equal speed,
  • the participant is operating both connections in load-sharing mode,
  • the participant is applying Site-Specific BGP Communities,
  • the connection speed is 10 Gbps or 100 Gbps,
  • the load per port does not repeatedly exceed 80 %,
  • one of the two locations is VIX1 (University of Vienna), and
  • the port is not a reseller port.
Discounted dual-site connections (equal speed) Total costs for both connections (excl. 20 % VAT)
2 x 10 Gbps 640 EUR per month
2 x 100 Gbps 2,560 EUR per month