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The Vienna Internet eXchange is extremely stable and reliable. Every now and then we have more good news.

CEE Peering Days 2017 - Review & Photos

The CEE Peering Days were held in Ljubljana this year. As always, the exciting program included a RIPE workshop and interesting presentations.


Doubling of Intersite Capacity

On 28 March 2017, we have doubled the trunk capacity between the VIX sites NIG and Interxion to 2 x 160 Gbps. Even though our existing capacities still had plenty of reserves, we wanted to safeguard against overload situations in the event of simultaneous failures of several VIX participants with large bandwidths.


VIX Traffic Exceeds 500 Gbps

The VIX team is tickled to announce a new traffic record achieved on 13 December 2016: 533 Gbps!


20 Years of VIX Barbecue - Review & Photos

On a wonderful summer day, we celebrated "20 years of VIX" and "15 years of cooperation with Interxion". The groovy band "Edi Nulz" provided the musical background for the barbecue.


CEE Peering Days 2016 - Review & Photos

This year's CEE Peering Days took place in beautiful Budapest. Once again, the conference offered a varied program with exciting presentations and a RIPE workshop.