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last change: June 08, 2020

VIX Web Portal: Features

In addition to your user profile and the configuration interfaces for the route servers, you will find the following tools in the web portal under Network Status:

Peering Traffic

Peering Traffic

Here, VIX participants can view in detail their traffic flow at the exchange point:

  • live-view of data amounts between two router ports
  • aggregated ISP-to-ISP graphs
  • top 10 traffic partners (comparison)
  • analysis of peering relationships up to a year ago

These services are implemented for bits per second, packets per second, IPv4 and IPv6.

Port Statistics

Under this menu item you can retrieve the traffic statistics for your VIX connection - broken down into ports (logical, physical), period (day, week, month, year) and protocol (IPv4, IPv6, total).

Layer2 View

Layer2 View

This view shows detailed layer2 information from the VIX switches:

  • VIX connections of the participants
  • AS numbers
  • IPv4, IPv6 and MAC adresses of all participating routers

We want to help our participants to ease debugging, and provide easy access to data which every participant could also get out of his router configuration. The view is being refreshed every 2 minutes.

IXP Watch

This tool shows which MAC adresses are arping for which hosts (that behaviour usually indicates misconfigured hosts). Furthermore, IXP Watch shows non-IP traffic at the exchange point.



SmokePing helps to detect ping latency. The grey "smoke" around the graph shows the variance from the average ping time during 20 pings.