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last change: February 22, 2021

IPv6 at VIX

Since 2005, IPv6 has production status at VIX. This means that the connection agreements are as valid for IPv6 traffic as they are for IPv4.

If you want to enable IPv6 peerings on your VIX interface, please let us know by e-mail to noc(at)vix.at. We will then send you the corresponding IPv6 address, and also enter it in our database.

Address Syntax

The IPv6 addresses of VIX participants are generated according to the following syntax:

16-bit AS number
32-bit AS number


  • 2001:7f8:30:0::/64 is the assigned prefix
  • x represents the VIX location (1 for the University of Vienna, 2 for InterXion, ...)
  • y represents the consecutive numbering for the routers at each location, starting with 1
  • z represents the AS number as a decimal number
  • /64 is the prefix length


The IPv6 address of the VIX service router within AS1120 at Vienna University is 2001:7f8:30:0:1:1:0:1120/64.

If you have any further questions about IPv6 at VIX, please contact admin(at)vix.at.