VIX Connection Agreement

1) Participant Data | 2) Billing Data | 3) Contact Data | 4) Port Data | 5) Summary

Please follow the steps to fill in the VIX Connection Agreement. The last step shows a summary where you can preview the .pdf version of the agreement an send it to the VIX Admin Team.

Company Name¹
Autonomous System Number¹
Zip Code
Phone Number
Fax Number
Network Name¹
The Network Name you usually go by at your Regional Internet Registry.
NOC E-Mail Address¹
The E-Mail Address of your Network Operations Center
Peering E-mail Address¹
An E-Mail address where peering requests should go to.
Operational e-mail Address
Please provide an E-Mail Address for the VIX operational mailing list. Maintainance works and more are announced on this list.
Additional Peering Information¹ (Optional)
If you have a peering policy or some other text the members should know, please mention it here.
AS-Set¹ (Optional)
Provide your AS-Set (or AS-Macro) to give an insight into the routes you announce
Regional Registry The RIR you are using

¹ ... data will be public on the VIX Website