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last change: August 29, 2018

The Team

The roles and the members of the team are listed here:

VIX - Operations (NOC) & Administration

Office address
Ebendorferstrasse 10, 1010 Vienna (left entrance behind doorway)
: The official postal address can be found at Contact.


Christian Panigl, manager
Harald Michl, operations coordination

Kurt Bauer
Romana Cravos
Christine Dworak
Michael Perzi
Liviu Radulescu
Erwin Rennert
Monika Schneider
Peter Schober
Tina Stadlmann
Robert Wein

Additional associated team members


Wilfried Wöber

Internal Administration / Accountancy

eMail buchhaltung(at)
T  +43-1-4277-14016 or 14017

Maria Deusch
Sven Reichhard

VIX - Management & Overall Responsibility

eMail  admin(at)
P +43-1-4277-14030

Ulf Busch
Director, Vienna University Computer Center (CIO)

Christian Panigl
Head of Department "ACOnet & Vienna Internet eXchange"