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last change: June 05, 2018

The Vienna Internet eXchange

The Vienna Internet eXchange (VIX) is operated by the Vienna University Computer Center since 1996. It is a neutral peering infrastructure for National Research & Education Networks (NRENs), Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Content Providers and Content Delivery Networks in Austria and the Central and Eastern European Region for the exchange of Internet traffic at the national and international level.

As a founding member of the Euro-IX association, VIX has been developing its policies and technologies according to European Best Current Practice and is now also offering peering opportunities to remote participants from other regions who do not want to colocate their peering routers in Vienna.

Participants have the choice to connect to VIX at either, two or all three locations, while the redundant VIX infrastructure at all sites is provided and operated by the University of Vienna, ensuring a neutral, robust and non-profit peering environment, for all participants.

VIX participants need to agree on bilateral peering arrangements for traffic exchange. There is no obligation to exchange traffic with all other participants. The required routing protocol for peerings is BGP (Version 4). The appropriate routing registry for the documentation of VIX peerings is the RIPE database, further, the use of PeeringDB is recommendet. Currently switched Ethernet (10GigBaseSR/LR, 100GibBase LR) is offered as common exchange medium (Technology).


All information regarding VIX participation can be found here VIX Connection.