last change: January 25, 2019

Login into VIX Web Portal

Due to an update and redesign of our website, we have implemented some modifications concerning the login procedure of the VIX web portal.

The changes in detail

  • All existing VIX portal account credentials (user ID and password) will lose their access privileges. Starting November 3rd 2015, they are not valid for the login anymore.
  • The new user ID for all portal account users is the e-mail address which was used and named at the portal account request.
  • The password has to be renewed with the function "password reset".

Possible malfunctions:

You didn't receive an e-mail from the "password reset" function

Possible causes: the mail has landed in your SPAM folder.

Further possible causes: You don't have your own portal account yet or there is another e-mail adress registered. Please contact webmaster(at)

You did reset your password already and after the login process you receive the error message "Login failure. You don't have permissions to access the VIX webportal."

Possible causes: You are known as a contact person from a VIX participant, but you don't have a portal account yet. Please fill in the form available at portal account and send it to webmaster(at)

In all other cases please contact webmaster(at) with a detailed error description.