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last change: June 07, 2020

Connection Variants

The Vienna Internet eXchange offers three different options for a VIX connection:

Local Connection

The preferred method of connecting to VIX is to install a BGP4 peering router at one or more of the VIX locations and to directly connect it to the local VIX switch.

  • VIX1: The University of Vienna only offers limited housing, mainly for peering routers.
  • VIX2 / VIX3: Interxion and NTT offer all kinds of colocation services.

The costs for a local connection as well as for housing at the location VIX1 can be found in the Cost Overview.

Remote Connection

An alternative method to connect to VIX is to use a fiber optic cable or Layer2/Ethernet carrier link (DWDM, EoMPLS, VLAN) from the BGP4 peering router abroad to one of the VIX locations.

The setup and switch port prices listed in the Cost Overview also apply to remote connections. In addition, the costs for the uplink will be charged directly by the respective carrier.

Information about carriers who provide services at VIX locations can be found in the Carrier Table.

Reseller Connection

The VIX Reseller Program allows contractual partners to offer "remote peering port" connections to the VIX core infrastructure in Vienna. The benefits are:

  • One-stop shop - the reseller provides IP transport, VIX peering and customer service.
  • The "remote peering port" is directly delivered to the remote participant.
  • Resellers also offer lower port capacities (from 500 Mbps).

In this case, the contract is concluded directly between the participant and the reseller. The prices are also determined by the reseller.