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15 Years of VIX & RIPE63 in Vienna

A successful meeting and a swinging celebration

On the occasion of its 15th anniversary the Vienna Internet eXchange sponsored the RIPE63 Meeting, which was held from 31 October to 4 November 2011 in Vienna. 465 participants from across Europe and beyond attended this congress at Hilton Hotel.

RIPE NCC is one of five Regional Internet Registries worldwide. RIPE meetings take place twice a year and primarily address Local Internet Registries, Internet Service Providers and network operators.

15 Years of Vienna Internet eXchange

Joe W. Quartett

On the evening of 2 November 2011, the Vienna Internet eXchange celebrated its 15th anniversary in the atmospheric Jazz & Music Club "Porgy & Bess". One of the highlights was the "Tribute to Joe Zawinul" concert, presented by the young Joe W. Quartet.

Special thanks to our sponsors nic.at, Interxion Austria, Wien Energie, Brocade, Level3 und Limelight Networks, as well as to Peter Wienerroither for taking photos!

The photos of the event can be found in our photo gallery.


Many topics on the agenda of the RIPE63 meeting were directly or indirectly related to the deployment of IPv6 and the IPv6 protocol. For example, the Address Policy Working Group discussed modifications to the framework and rules for distributing blocks of IPv6 addresses, and the MAT Working Group concentrated on methods of measuring certain performance aspects related to the "own" network and the global Internet.

A great and very impressive highlight was the Gala Dinner on 3 November 2011, offered in the ballroom of the Vienna City Hall. After a formal waltz dancing show by a professional formation, the event participants from all over the world were invited to practice the typical Viennese waltz. Well-known Thomas Schäfer-Elmayer himself offered guidance and advice. The fully packed dance floor and the delight about this unique experience were a joy to behold.

A heart-felt "Thank you!" to Renate Kreil for her support and efforts in organizing this perfect evening!

Photos of the Gala Dinner are available in our photo gallery.

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