Beginning July 2019, port prices reductions take effect for 10G and 100G ports at the VIX.

Invoices for existing participants will automatically show the lower prices.

The fee for a regular 10G port is lowered to €500 (from €550) and for a 100G port to €2.500 (from €3.500)

All other prices...


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Peering Days

Peering Days is an international conference of experts directed at network engineers, peering coordinators, internet providers, cloud administrators and data centre operators in the Central and Eastern European Region.

The participants come from across the globe in order to get access to expert knowledge, gain valuable connections and to be part of
a two day mind-blowing experience.

Euro-IX Founding Member

The Vienna Internet eXchange is a founding member of the European Internet Exchange Association. Euro-IX has been set up by Europe's leading Internet exchange points, which connect the networks of Internet service providers (ISPs) to permit the exchange of Internet traffic.