Our smallest location so far, VIX3 (NTT), is becoming more and more popular. In order to accommodate this growth, we have doubled the bandwidth of its cross-connections to VIX1 and VIX2 in mid-May 2022.


After a two-year Corona break, the Peering Days could take place again this year in Athens (26-28 April) and were very well attended and a great success. Photos and presentation documents are now available online.


On 31 March 2022, the core switches at the VIX2 site (Interxion) were successfully replaced with more powerful models during ongoing operations. This means that twice as many 100 Gbps ports are now available for participant connections.


From 1 Juni 2021, some price reductions take effect at the VIX. Invoices for existing participants are automatically adjusted. The fee for a 10G port is lowered to 400 EUR (from 500 EUR), for a 100G port to 1600 EUR (from 2500 EUR). All other prices and the 20 % dual-site discount remain unchanged.


Welcome at VIX!

The Vienna Internet eXchange (VIX) is a neutral, redundant, high-performance, high-availability Internet Exchange Point (IXP) with about 150 national and international participants, mainly from the Central and Eastern European Region.  Details

VIX Next Generation in operation

VIX Photo

The Vienna Internet eXchange is running on a completely new hardware platform since 18 May 2021 (3:30 UTC). The new VIX hardware has a significantly higher capacity than the previous one. In particular, the number of available 100 Gbps ports has been greatly increased. Furthermore, the design of the new platform simplifies future upgrades.

The transition was successfully handled in three maintenance windows from 11-18 May 2021 during ongoing operations. Outages were limited to 2-10 minutes per particapant port. We are particularly pleased that the new hardware reduces our peering infrastructure's energy consumption by around 80 %. Therefore, we are perfectly equipped for the coming years!


Newest VIX Participants

Peering Days

Peering Days is an international conference for Internet Service Providers, primarily from Central and Eastern Europe. However, participants (network engineers, peering coordinators, cloud administrators and data center operators) come from across the globe to get access to expert knowledge, make valuable contacts, and be part of a two-day, mind-blowing experience.


The Vienna Internet eXchange is a founding member of the European Internet Exchange Association (Euro-IX). Euro-IX was launched in May 2001 by Europe's leading Internet Exchange Points (IXPs). IXPs interconnect the networks of Internet Service Providers to enable them to easily and efficiently exchange their Internet traffic.