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last change: May 31, 2021


Image: VIX Triangle Topology

The Vienna Internet eXchange is operated by the Vienna University Computer Center at three locations:

  • VIX1 is located at the University of Vienna in the city centre (1st district),
  • VIX2 at Interxion in the north of Vienna (21st district), and
  • VIX3 at the NTT Vienna 1 Data Center in the south of Vienna (10th district).

These locations are interconnected via redundant, diversely routed fiber optic cables.


The Vienna Internet eXchange is running on a completely new hardware platform since 18 May 2021. Compared to the previously used hardware, the new VIX platform offers significantly more capacity, requires about 80 % less energy and simplifies future upgrades.

The same state-of-the-art technology is used at all three VIX locations:

  • high-performance Arista 7280 series switches
  • redundant power supplies
  • redundant power feeds with UPS and generator supply
  • interconnection of the three VIX locations with path redundant fiber optic cables, traversing the Danube via different bridges
  • participants may connect to either one, two, or all three VIX locations at up to 100 Gbps per port
  • support for IPv4 and IPv6 on the same peering LAN using the BGP4 routing protocol
  • only one MAC address per participant port permitted
  • support for link aggregation
  • port security mechanisms

    • sFlow based Peering Traffic Matrix


The Internet Service Providers (ISPs) connected to VIX install and operate their own routing infrastructure. The appropriate routing registry for the documentation of VIX peerings is the RIPE Database.