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last change: April 10, 2018



The Vienna Internet eXchange is present at three different co-locations within Vienna. One of them is at Vienna University in the center of the City (1st district). The second location is at Interxion Austria in the 21st district in the north of the city and the third location is placed in the south of Vienna at e-shelter Austria (10th district).

VIX uses the same state-of-the-art Ethernet switching technology at all locations:

  • Brocade MLXe-32 non-blocking high-performance VPLS-switches
  • Redundant switch-fabrics and management-processors
  • Redundant power-supplies
  • Redundant power-feeds (mains, UPS + generator)
  • Interconnected by diversely routed fibre optic cables
  • Participants may connect to either one, two or all three sites/switches with up to 100-Gigabit-Ethernet/port
  • Local port channels supported (directly connected, colocated routers only)
  • Only one MAC address allowed per port or port channel
  • Port security mechanism
  • IPv4 and IPv6 peering supported on the same peering-LAN using BGP4 routing-protocol


ISPs @ VIX install and operate their own routing infrastructure. Each ISP has to establish bilateral BGP peerings with other parties he is interested to peer. The appropriate routing registry for the documentation of VIX peerings is the RIPE Database.