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last change: February 18, 2016

Route Servers

The Vienna Internet Exchange offers a route server at every site, which eases peering configuration. The route servers just provide routing information, the actual traffic flows directly between the participants. After establishing a BGP session to both route servers and activating them in the web interface participants can configure default settings and per peer overridden settings in a web interface.

If all your desired participants peer with the route servers it would be enough to establish two BGP sessions. Furthermore - if configured accordingly - there is no action needed if a new participant activates his route server in order to exchange routes and data with the new participant. There is a web interface for ipv4 and for ipv6, both offer the same features.


To activate the route servers, you do need a portalaccount, and the authorisation in the portal to administer the route servers. If you already have a portal account, please still send your updated portal account request (you can of course keep your existing username), so we can give you the right on the route server administration (we will let your administrative contact confirm your authorization).

How it works

Web Interface
Web Interface Route Servers

A BGP process exists for every participant on both route servers. The route servers receive announcements from the VIX peers and mark prefixes which are missing in the RIPE-DB with a special community. A rule set based on the decisions of the participants in the web interface decides, which prefix information will be exchanged between the routing processes. A peering is solely established, if both partners agree on the peering relation. By doing so, we make sure that peerings are bidirectional only.

Every participant can decide, if he wants to receive the prefixes found in the RIPE-DB only, or if all prefixes are accepted (also those not to be found in the RIPE-DB). Prefixes not to be found in the RIPE-DB are marked with the BGP community 1121:1.

Furthermore every participant has the possibility to setup BGP AS-Path prepends per peer. These settings refer to the own announcements into the direction of the chosen peer. We recommend to not set a max-prefix limit towards the route servers, as due to heavy growth this limit cloud be reached very soon and the whole route server "cloud" could be inaccessible for you.

The route servers have a max prefix limit of 15.000 prefixes (ipv4) and 900 prefixes (ipv6) themselves.

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to ask admin(at)