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last change: March 26, 2019


Peering Traffic

VIX-Participants have access to a detailed traffic flow analysis in the portal area.

You can view the following statistics:

  • Live-view of data amounts between two routerports
  • Aggregated ISP to ISP Graphs
  • Top 5 traffic partner comparison
  • Analysis of the peering relationship up to a year ago

These services are implemented for bits per second, packets per second, IPv4 and IPv6.

Layer 2 View

The layer 2 view shows detailed layer 2 information for VIX customers:

  • Connections of the VIX participants
  • AS-Numbers
  • MAC-Adresses of all participating Routes

We want to help our customers to ease debugging, and provide easy access to data, which every customer could also get out of his router configuration. This view is being refreshed 'almost live' every 2 minutes from the VIX switches.

Non-IP Traffic and Layer 2 Problems

In the portal you can also find a menu called IXP-Watch. This tool shows amongst other information, which MAC-Adresses are arping for which hosts. You can get some useful information about misconfigured hosts. Beyond that it also shows non-IP traffic at the Internet Exchage.

Route Servers

The route servers offer a comfortable possibility to establish peerings with other VIX participants. We offer a web interface in the portal where you can establish BGP peerings with a few mouse clicks without the need to configure your router for every peer. More...