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last change: June 07, 2020

VIX Participation

The Vienna Internet eXchange is a complementary infrastructure for optimizing regional Internet traffic flows. The redundant VIX infrastructure is provided and operated at three locations by the University of Vienna.

VIX participants may connect to VIX at one, two or all three locations. There are three connection variants available for this purpose. The most important prerequisite is a unique Autonomous System (AS) Number with already established global Internet connectivity. The only permitted routing protocol on the VIX infrastructure is BGP4.


To become a VIX participant, please read the "Terms and Conditions" below and then follow the steps to fill in the VIX Connection Agreement. By submitting the completed webform, you will receive your Connection Agreement by e-mail. Please send two printed and signed copies by post to:

Vienna University Computer Center
ACOnet & Vienna Internet eXchange
Universitaetsstrasse 7
1010 Vienna