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last change: June 07, 2020


Note: The costs listed below are valid from July 1, 2019 and apply to local connections and remote connections to VIX, but not to reseller connections (see Connection Variants).

Service Details Costs
Setup one-time costs (once per contract) 1000 EUR
VIX Switch Port 2.5 Gbps (10GBASE-LR) 300 EUR per month
10 Gbps (10GBASE-LR) 500 EUR per month
100 Gbps (100GBASE-LR4) 2500 EUR per month

These costs include the cross connection at the locations VIX1 (University of Vienna) and VIX2 (Interxion).

The provisioning of 100GE ports may require some lead time (please contact the VIX team if you are interested). Other port types / port channels / trunks on request - this is subject to availability and feasibility.

Dual-Site Discount

20 % discount for dual-site connections (VIX1+VIX2 or VIX1+VIX3) may be requested if

  • both connections are equal speed,
  • the participant is operating both connections in load-sharing mode and applying the Site-Specific BGP Community BCP,
  • the connection speed is 10 Gbps or 100 Gps,
  • the load per port does not repeatedly exceed 80 %,
  • one of the two locations is VIX1 (University of Vienna), and
  • the port is not a reseller port.
Discounted Dual-Site Connections (equal speed) Costs
2 x 10 Gbps 800 EUR per month (total)
2 x 100 Gbps 4000 EUR per month (total)


Limited equipment housing at the location VIX1 (University of Vienna) according to Article 4 of the VIX Connection Agreement:

Shelf space in 19" racks (VIX1 only) Costs
up to 3 rack units (RU) 150 EUR per month
every additional rack unit (RU) 50 EUR per month

General housing agreements for the locations VIX2 (Interxion) or VIX3 (NTT) are available on request from Interxion respectively NTT.